5 Easy Ways To Make Your Nigerian Man Happy

Happiness is what everyone wants in life.

In everything we do, we all want to be happy. Relationships are a source of happiness for many people in Naija. Ladies, let’s give you the DL on how to make your Nigerian man happy:

1.  Make his favourite foods

It is no secret Nigerian men love food. It’s why we have a saying here:

The way to man’s heart is through his stomach

Nigerian men enjoy our traditional foods. Make his favourite meals and watch him smile always.

White rice combo

Images by Food Network NG


2.  Surprise him with gifts

The Nigerian social media space has been agog with the news of a woman who bought her man a G-wagon. Nigerian men love gifts. You may not be able to afford a G-wagon yet, but you can buy him little gifts that will make him happy.

Really Happy


3.  Plan surprise dates

It’s not everytime, “baby, take me out”. Sometimes, take “your bae out too”. He will appreciate it.

couple on a beach



4.  Request a song for him

You can request songs for your bae on any of the radio stations. It will liven up his drive home after a long day. Or make his Saturday morning chores go better.

Wanlov art music culture dreadlocks kids


5.  Leave him little love notes

Nigerian men may strike as you as brutish and unromantic. But they love romantic gestures. Leave him little love notes where he’s sure to run into them. It will make him really happy.

Young lovers



Thinking of what to make for your bae? Try any of these mouth watering sauces that go wonderfully well with white rice.

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