6 Lies Nigerian Guys Tell When They’re Hitting On You

1.  You look familiar

My sister, this line is as old as the country we call Nigeria. You don’t look familiar, you look like his next victim.

small girl thinking meme african girl


2.  I just wanna be friends

Friends with benefits? Friends in Christ? Friends in what?

PS: Guys complain about the friendzone all the time. He’s not trying to get into the zone. Trust me.

I smell Lies meme

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3.  I’m single

*Laughs in Chinese* When a Naija guy says he’s single, just know his harem of women is down to just 3.

Na So Meme

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4.  It’s complicated

This is the phrase you’d hear from the serial cheaters and married men acting single. It’s not complicated, he just won’t face his current relationship.


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5.  I’m not like other guys

Oshey Mr different.

Differential equation.

We hail thee!


Image: IamClardee/Twitter


6.  I’ve never met anyone like you before

Don’t feel special he says this to all the girls.

Lies Lies Everywhere: Toy Story

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Don’t fall for them lies!!

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