We Bet You Didn’t Know The Real Meaning Behind These 11 Famous Logos

We love all those famous logos and sometimes we get fascinated by their design.

We’ve been admiring famous brand logos for years and we marvel at how the designers came up with them. But as we all know, every design has a message and these logos are no exception.

Below are real meanings behind the famous logos you’ve admired your whole life.

1. Hyundai.

At first glance, the Hyundai logo looks like a stylised “H” in an oval. While indeed the “H” in Hyundai’s logo does stand for the company’s name, it’s also a stylized picture: a silhouette of two individuals shaking hands. One individual is a company representative and the other is a satisfied customer.




2. Sony Vaio.

The first two letters represent an analogue wave while the last two represents a digital (10) signal.

sony vaio



3. Amazon.

From afar, it looks like nothing extra ordinary but it actually is. The orange arrow represents a stylised smile which represents the company’s desire to put a smile on the faces of their customers.

The arrow noticeably starts from the “A” and ends on the Z” in Amazon, a hint that they sell absolutely everything.




4. Formula 1.

When you look closely, you’ll notice that the space between the letter F and the red stripes project the letter “1” which completes F1. The red stripes also represent the high speed of formula one cars.




5. Pinterest.

There’s an image of a pin stylised into the letter P. This represents the pin or tack used to pin stuff onto a board which is what the company does online, allowing users to virtually pin images they find all over the net onto their boards.




6. BMW.

The blue and white central part of the logo represents a part of the Bavarian Free state flag, the area of Germany where the company originated. It has, however, been misinterpreted as propellers due to the company’s past aeroplane manufacturing venture.




7. LG.

The logo is a stylised image of a persons smiling face which represents the companies aspirations to have ordinary human relations with its customers.




8. Mercedes Benz.

The name Mercedes came about when race enthusiast Emil Jellinek, ordered some cars from Daimler-Motoren-Gesellschaft (DMG) and insisted that they put her 11-year-old daughter, Mercedes Jellinek’s name on it. The company later started producing cars with the name Mercedes. The three point star represents the company’s domination on land, sea and air.

mercedes benz



9. Adidas.

The noticeable three stripes on Adidas products is something the company just decided to place on their products for uniqueness. They later evolved to the three bar logo. This new logo is supposed to resemble a mountain and its purpose is to challenge the people who buy Adidas products to push themselves to their limits.




10. Toyota.

There are three ovals in the logo that are combined in a horizontally symmetrical configuration. The two perpendicular ovals inside the larger oval represent the heart of the customer and the heart of the company. They are overlapped to represent a mutually beneficial relationship and trust between each other. The overlapping of the two perpendicular ovals inside the outer oval symbolize “T” for Toyota, as well as a steering wheel, representing the vehicle itself. The outer oval symbolizes the world embracing Toyota.




11. Nike.

The Nike logo known as the Swoosh was originally known as “the wing”. It represents motion and speed while the shape depicts an arc of movement. It was originally designed by a college student in 1971 for a paltry $35. In Greek mythology, Nike is the Winged Goddess of Victory so you get where the association comes from?




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