Khloe Kardashian sued by Paparazzi Agency for posting a photo of herself on Instagram


Khloé Kardashian has been accused of copyright infringement and sued by paparazzi agency Xposure, for sharing a photo of herself on Instagram. According to the federal lawsuit Khloe removed the copyright information from one of their photos and shared it on her page without giving them credit for it. The photo was taken when Khloe was dining with her […]

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“You’ve got blood on your hands!” anti-fur protesters chant, causing Kylie to walk out of red carpet


19-year-old Kylie Jenner who was billed to make an appearance at a launch event at the Sugar Factory, Las Vegas, left Coachella on Friday night and flew to Los Angeles on Saturday. The youngest Jenner sister posed for pictures on the red carpet at the event, however, just seconds into the photos, anti-fur protesters who […]

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Adenike Oyetunde Lost Her Limbs To Cancer Battle At Age 20, But That Didn’t Stop Her From Becoming An OAP And A Lawyer (Photos)


Adenike OyetundeThis young lady, Adenike Oyetunde was diagnosed with cancer at age 20 and lost her limbs as a result of this. She wasn’t deterred as she went on to become a lawyer, OAP and an activist. In an interview with BN, Oyetunde spoke about her life and how she lived with her condition. Read […]

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