These Would Have Been The Kenyan Names Of These Foreign Celebrities

Have you ever imagined how your favorite foreign celebrities would look and their names if they were Kenyan natives?

What if Lupita Nyong’o and Barack Obama had brothers and sisters in Hollywood? This is how we envisioned them, their Kenyan names and the tribes they would have been from.

1. Beyonce

Queen B would have definitely be from the Taita tribe and would be called …



2. Nicki Minaj

Nicki Minaj is definitely from the Muslim coast area

Nicki Minaj


Jay Z 

Jay Z would have probably be the leader of the Luo tribe

Jay Z


4. Pharrell Williams

The never-aging genius would have definitely be from the popular Kikuyu tribe.

Pharell Williams


5. Serena Williams

The sports-great would have definitely be from Kenya’s second largest tribe, the Luhya tribe.

Serena Williams


6. Rihanna

Music godess Rihanna would definitely put in that work for the people of Kamba.



7. Kim Kardashian

Socialite Kim Kardashian would have definitely be a Lamu coastal Arab with the name …

Kim Kardashianpsd


8. Michelle Obama

The gorgeous leader would have been one of the sisters from the Meru tribe …

Michelle Obama


9. Kanye West

Creative genius, Mr. West would have been from the running-tribe of Kalenjin, he would have been a runner, let’s give him that, thanks to his creative prowess.

Kanye West


10. Snoop Dogg

The ageless musician would have been from the Maasai tribe, thanks to his ever-changing trendy swag and unique style.

Snoop Dogg


11. Missy Elliot

Let’s just assume Missy Elliot will be from the Kisii tribe.

Missey Elliot


12. Idris Elba

Idris Elba would be another Luhyan brother making his tribe and country proud.

idris elba


13. Kevin Hart

The comedian and actor would be representing the people of Kisii too

Kevin Hart


14. Will Smith

Big brother Will Smith would definitely be from North Eastern Kenya and would be representing the Oromo tribe.

Will Smith


15. Drake

Drake would have been one of those light-skinned coastal Arab Muslims.



16. Alicia Keys

The gorgeous singer would be representing Kenya’s largest tribe, she would definitely be repping for the Kikuyu people.

Alicia Keys


Whose name fits the most? Let us know in the comment box below

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