Longer Version of Comedian AY and Freda Francis’ Whatsapp Chat Surfaces

So, let’s remind you of the recent drama happening between Comedian AY, his wife and CEO of Oasis Medspa, Freda Francis’ who’s currently pregnant.

Mabel Makun, Comedian AY’s wife called out Freda Francis for froclicking with her Comedian husband.. She shared details of their whatsapp chats together and warned her to stay off her family.

Before Mabel called her out, she had initally made a comment on her husband’s Instagram page. Where she wrote: “This is outright wickedness and I won’t take it”. The comment was made on AY’s page where he shared a pic of himself and pregnant Francis.

AY had a quick chat with TNS where he made some implicating comments. In his words, he said: “And so if I impregnated Freda, is it something new?”.

Now, SDK has obtained a longer version of the chat that caused the whole drama. See below: (AY on the left and Freda on the right).

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