Maheeda Shares Rare Photo of Her ‘White Husband


Aunty Maheeda has finally shared a Photo of her “White” hubby! She literally took a break from posting explicit photos to show off her husband.

“Enjoying life!!! Nothing to worry about,” the former singer captioned the clip of the family having dinner, before adding, “I’m doing just great.”


The first time the controversial nudist shared a photo of the Dutchman, it was to tell how he saved her from poverty. “He loved me when I was looking like shit,” she wrote last July. “He cleaned me up, that’s why he is my husband today.”

And then she added that he supports ALL that she does, and we assume she’s talking about her activities online.

Read the quite touching note:


Many times, fans had to ask who films most of her clips as some of them were recorded while she was in motion, but the mother of one daughter has never bothered to respond.

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