Man survives after being bashed by a speeding train while going for a wedding


A Youth advocate and political strategist identified as Oladimeji Omo Balogun has narrated how he survived after the vehicle he was in while traveling for a wedding in Ogun state – was bashed by a speeding train.

The man who claimed he passed out for some minutes after the collision – revealed that he came out unscathed from the accident. Read his story below;

‘My Experience’…. EXCLUSIVE

About this time yesterday (1. 30pm.. Saturday, 15th of July, 2017), I was coming from Elder Dapo Adeyemi son’s wedding ceremony in Alakuko, Lagos, to attend Chief Olusegun Osoba’s 78th birthday in Abeokuta.

As we were trying to cross the rail track between Obada Oko and Adigbe in our vehicle, out of nowhere, all of a sudden, without any notice, we found a train 50metres away from our vehicle. HEAD ON, we were hit by this train that is probably running at 500kpm/hour.

I passed out, but to the glory of God, I woke up less than 5min after the collision and walked out of the CONDEMNED car unscathed except for a minor pain in my neck.

What else can I say than to thank Him!

Emi ki y’io ku iku kiku kan bi ki se yiye… The struggle continues.

This AOB is specially created by God!

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