Nigerian Doctor posts photo of his daughter who saw her first menstrual period, gets bashed online.

A Nigerian Physician, Maduka Ogwueleka, “innocently” shared photos of his 11-year-old daughter via Facebook and revealed that she has been crying nonstop after experiencing her first menstrual cycle today. He however feels advise from others will assure her that it’s normal.

Maduka wrote ;

“My first daughter Chinazom saw her menstrual period for the very first time today. She’s been crying all day. Both parents can’t console her.
We’ve advised her it is normal, but she is still crying. Please say a word or two to Chinazom. She’ll read them. Chinazom will be 12 years old next month (8th August). She wants to be a professor of mathematics when she grows up,”

There’s no limit as to what people post online these days and some facebook users found it very offensive and insensitive and they dragged the father online with some calling him gullible and foolish .

Some comments went thus ;

This Maduka is not normal. We should say a word or two to young girl just seeing her first flow?this na OPEN eyes or what?
Before the picture or adonbilivit crew will show up,i want to tell Mr Maduka that what he has just done is very irritating and borderline sick.

Mr Maduka coman show us her pant
Infact show us wia d issue of blood from dey come out
Mumu Maduka

I don’t think Mr Maduka Chinemelum Ogwueleka is a medical doctor. Medical doctors are not this dump. Even my gateman will not come to social media to tell the world that his daughter has started menstruating with her full picture on display.

Maduka Ogwueleka

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