Photos-Man with the world’s largest tumour undergoes surgery to have it removed

1 2 IMG-20151026-WA005(1)It was removed from his thigh after a four-hour surgery by the doctors of Max Super Speciality Hospital in New Delhi. Doctors had to amputate Gurmeet’s entire right leg and part of his pelvis But the young man, who was bed-ridden for four years, is glad he can now walk with the help of a walker.
He said:

“I was completely immobile and restricted to bed for four years. I was not even able to rest on my back and had stopped sitting two years ago as the weight of the tumour was too heavy. I could not even roll over or change sides because of it. But now that I have got rid of it, I am extremely happy and cannot wait to stand, even though with a support.”

Gurmeet felt an inflammation in his leg four years ago, three years ago, a biopsy confirmed it was cancer. He couldn’t get proper treatment from doctors in his native Punjab province so he was taken to Max hospital for the surgery.

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