Remember The Rich Zimbabwean Man Who Advertised For Wife With A Long List Of Requirements On Facebook? He Got Married Yesterday, Paid $50,000 Bride Price

Controversial Zimbabwean businessman and socialite, Wicknell Chivhayo popularly known as Sir Wicknell reportedly paid a hefty $50,000 lobola (bride price) for his wife, Sonja Madzikanda on Saturday.
In a social media post on Thursday, Chivayo boasted that he would be disappointed if his in-laws charged him less than $50,000.

According to local media, his wife is an accountant with a firm in Harare. Her father is a David Madzikanda who works for at the University of Zimbabwe?s School of Commerce.

On Sunday morning, he posted photos from the bride price ceremony, adding that they are planning a big wedding soon.

“TILL DEATH DO US APART………A good woman is the greatest thing a man can have in his life……… GLORY BE TO GOD IN THE HIGHEST…. Thanks to you my FACEBOOK FOLLOWERS , your strong criticism and comments always give me strength to make good decisions like this. My roora function was the best in history (credit to my amazing IN-LAWS and BRAND NEW WIFE ) This is why i chose the PETER HOUSE and UNIVERSITY OF EDINBURGH class , with my UNIT M SEKE background where and how would i have ever planned this ???…I hope to invite you all of you to my BIG WEDDING soon…..WE GIVE THANKS AND PRAISE”

More photos from the wedding below…






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