Serena Williams reveals the gift her techie fiancé gave her on Valentine’s day

Don’t expect flowers and chocolates if you are dating a techie guy. Serena Williams knows this now.

The multiple award-winning tennis Champion who is engaged to Reddit co-founder, Alexis Ohanian, got a $60 Nintento Entertainment System Classic Mini from her fiancé on Valentine’s day.
The smitten Wimbledon champ went on her SnapChat to share the Valentine’s day gift and she revealed that she loved it.

‘When you date a “techie” you get these gifts,’ Serena captioned her snaps.

‘But I love it!’ She added.


The NES Classic Mini Ohanian gave Serena is a reimagining of the 8-bit video game console from 1983.
Now she can have another game to focus her attention on in addition to tennis.

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