Ubi Franklin outs user who asked Tekno for financial help a day after she insulted him

Tekno is still doing Giveaways on Twitter, with many of his Fans receiving thousands of Naira from the singer.

Today, the singer gave out over N500,000 to fans who got monetary issue.

But then, Ubi Franklin, pointed out an Ignorant “person” who of recent bashed the singer for involving himself in the Davido and Wizkid beef, but still had the guts to ask the singer for help.

Ubi wrote;

“The world we live in. I know a lot of you on SM who attack me too and then send me DMs asking for help. I am sure you wonder how I get through the fire and I am blazing in Grace. May God arrest y’all. Dang what a Wicked world”.

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