Wedding Day Disasters: The Worst Things That Can Happen On Your Wedding (Photos)

These are certain eventualities to work and pray against when organizing a marriage ceremony as they can deter the smooth turn of events.

The common mishaps that thwart wedding ceremonies have been listed below and eyes should be set out for them:

1. Cake Falls Over

Imagine the #50,000 cake you just tumbling down as you sit there at the reception before the cut.

wedding goof

2. After paying the caterer over #300,000 for her service and she didn’t show up till 4:00pm.

Guest have been licking TomTom and Buttermint in anticipation for the real refreshments which is always the highlight of the ceremony.

wedding goof2

3. Photographer Forgets The Camera Battery.

Paying a company to videotape the wedding and reception and finding out that he forgot to charge battery. And didn’t cover it till the end could be suicidal for a special day like a wedding ceremony.

wedding goof3

4. Forgetting The Ring.

An hour late already because her hair wasn’t done, then they lost ring bearer’s left shoe.

Finally getting to church there to find out that the maid of honor forgot the ring.

wedding goof4

5. Groom showing up almost 3 hours late

Ladies, can you survive the 3 hours with his moblie not reachable?

wedding goof5

A top commenter after reading the post on a popular Nigerian online forum had this personal experience to discuss:

“The worst would be to forget the wedding ring at home. I have been in that situation before. It wasn’t a funny experience ooo.

I was the best man for the day. I dressed up my man and we took our time to take pictures. I collected the ring box and my friend tried it on and were just teasing and playing around, only for his parents to rush in and tell us everyone is set and we should hop in the car.

I just pick up the ring box without checking. We got to the Church, straight into the wedding procession.

As the wedding was going on, nah eim the devil reminded me if the ring was actually in the box. Mehn! Nah so my face change. I wasn’t comfortable. I couldn’t excuse my self again cuz i was getting close to the time the pastor was to request for it.

My mind ran faster than Hussain bolt. When the pastor asked for the ring, I dragged my self from the chair…he collected it and opened it… But the ring was there…after every, I danced like I won $1m. People thought I was so excited for my friend”

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